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Easy Research Program (ER-P)

What is ER-P?
It is not enterprise resource planning, but a coveted term used by us at Hexacara BioSolutions to enable young and budding researchers, research in a better way.

What is the use of ER-P?
Quality & Cost Effectiveness

What do I get by choosing ER-P?
Our ERP primarily provides the luxury of time to plan for better research, by providing a mentor; who will
• Assist in drafting & near perfecting your research plan (according to your budget) by choosing the best methodologies
• Guide in planning & gather resources
• Provide end-to-end solution with instrumentation
• Assist in statistical analysis
• Assist in preparing your manuscript perfecting to the journal requirements
• Assist in preparing your dissertation / research thesis

What is the cost?
Our ER-P is specifically designed on case-to-case scenarios, from phytochemistry to cell culture to molecular biology and beyond. But we never deviate from our mantra of Quality and Cost Effectiveness.

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